O2 Gets Mobile Phones To Work in Glasgow Subway With 3G Network

O2 subscribers would now be able to use their mobile phones in the underground railway station network in Glasgow, as the mobile phone operator from Monday would be offering mobile connectivity on five stations of Glasgow Subway network.

The mobile phone coverage would be available on five prominent stations on the subway network, including St. Enoch, Partick, Hillhead, Govan, and Buchanan Street.

In addition to making and receiving calls, O2 users would be able to access web and e-mails, send text and picture messages, while on Subway railway station platforms.

O2 is the first mobile phone operator in UK to achieve this feat, due to its “multi-user distributed antenna system”, along with transmission services from Arqiva that enable mobile phone network to work underground.

Speaking on this occasion, O2’s chief technology officer, Derek McManus said that Glasgow led the way with this new technology, particularly during the time of busiest festive season.

Quoting the significance of the new technology, he said, “From today, shoppers in town will be able to phone or text friends and family about presents and meeting up, as well as arranging to meet for nights out or to alert family that that's them on their way home”.

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