Windows Market Share of Connected PCs Falls Below 90 Percent, Courtesy of Apple

A report published by Internet Analytics Firm, Net Applications, showed that Windows Market Share has dropped under 90 percent for the first time ever, partly due to a feisty Apple platform.

In November, 89.62 percent of computers which were connected to websites monitored by Net Applications, a fall of 0.84 percent from October while Apple's Mac OS X gained 0.66 percent, growing to 8.9 percent.

Net Applications monitors more than 40,000 websites worldwide and provide with a comprehensive picture of the operating system platform market; since October 2004, Windows lost 6.78 percent.

Windows Vista is also growing, reaching 20.45 percent, while Windows XP dropped slightly to 66.31 percent - the former lost 1.81 percent and the newer OS gained 1.16 percent. Windows 2000 is just a blip on the radar with 1.56 percent of the marketshare in November 2008.

The 1 percent barrier is proving challenging for Linux operating system which is still stuck at 0.83 percent. It is unclear whether Net Applications tracks mobile devices (like smartphones), servers and Netbooks.

Vince Vizzaccarro, executive vice president of marketing at Net Applications, said that the fact that November consisted of 10 weekend days could explain why Apple marketshare surged as workers shed their Windows-based desktops and moved to their home Macs.

Surprisingly, Netapplications found out that the Playstation Platform enjoyed the biggest growth, shooting by a third to 0.04 percent.

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