20 Features That Our Gaming Laptop Would Have

This week, we will be pondering over five different types of laptops with the view of producing five separate templates that we will be pushing on Asus/Intel's Wepc.com soon.

The laptop designs are Server Laptop, Gaming laptop, Desktop Replacement Laptops, Netbook and Ultra Mobile Laptop. We're continuing the series with the Gaming Laptop.

Gaming laptops, like any gaming computers, put the emphasis massively on the video card and like their desktop counterparts, gamers have access to mature technologies like Crossfire or SLI and tend to include many desktop-like components, SATA hard disk drives, desktop-bound CPUs, DDR3 memory etc.

So here's what we expect from what we would call a realistic laptop gaming rig. And we've tried to echo the concerns of gamers who do not want to upgrade their whole laptops to keep up with ever demanding games.

The default ability to create ghost system disk images of optimum configuration

Leave everything as default. Gamers (and generally geeks) always tend to update their computer with the latest drivers/updates.

No extra software commonly known as Crapware or Bloatware.

An embedded micro-projector like the 3M MP110.

A 16:10 17-inch screen with thin bezel, capable of displaying 1920x1080 pixels

A fully configurable, waterproof, illuminated replaceable, full-size keyboard

4GB memory

A quad core CPU

Windows XP Pro AND Windows Vista Ultimate

Optional Bluray drive

Bigger 5-inch Touchpad

Slide out 3.5-inch touchscreen.

SLI or Crossfire technology with the ability to toggle to integrated Graphics module to save power.

An Expressgate like Pre-Boot OS that shows on the above.

64GB Solid State Disk, with 500GB 5400rpm secondary HDD

5.1 Speakers (including a subwoofer) with Dolby compatibility.

Magsafe PSU with 12-cell battery

Magnesium chassis with handle

The usual ports : HDMI, SPDIF, Dual MIMO, Gigabit connector, Firewire.

Slot in Gaming Pad/Gaming Mouse

Designwise, we reckon that the two important factors that will differentiate this gaming laptop from others are its modularity - that's paramount - and its design. It needs to be highly portable, compact and upgradable.

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