Apple Opens Up Mini DisplayPort License To Increase Adoption

In its attempt to lure the open source community, Apple Inc. on Tuesday has announced that it will be licensing the specifications of its Mini DisplayPort, a video output interface linked with Apple’s new range of Macbooks, including new Macbook Pros, and upgraded Macbook Air.

The move is dubbed as Apple’s aim of popularising its Mini DisplayPort technology, and invite developers to create new displays and display adapters that go well in line with the new standards.

Designed by Apple, Mini DisplayPort is a miniaturised form of DisplayPort, approved by Video Electronics Standards Association, or simply VESA, and which extends its support to protocol while providing a more compact connector with it.

While the previous Macbook range largely employed miniaturised forms of DVI and VGA, the entire revamped Macbook line-up is incorporated with Mini DisplayPort technology.

Apple has already exhibited the utility of DisplayPort support in its 24-inch LED Cinema Display, which has been introduced last week only.

Despite its several advantages over DVI, such as its ability to piggyback USB signals, small form factor, safe attachments without using thumbscrews, and higher bandwidth, DisplayPort technology has yet to get the deserved acceptance.

Apple Inc. is providing licence to interested groups to “develop or distribute plugs, receptacles or other devices implementing the Mini DisplayPort Connector”.

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