Asus 9800 GTX+ Dark Knight

"There are many good things that accompany the Asus 9800 GTX+ Dark Knight edition. It is the culmination of many high end features that are sure to help you play all of the latest titles at max without a hint of lag, and stay extrememly cool while doing it.

The cooler on this card is very nice, and is of quality construction. I love the way the paint looks. You can really say it looks like a secret weapon that Bat Man would put into his computer. The paint is very cool, and the overall look of the cooler makes this all the better.

Don't count this card out for overclocking either. With the help of the Dark Knight cooler, the 9800 GTX+ is able to overclock very far. This will certianly give you a few more frames, and help to make some of the most demanding games playable in the most demanding of fire fights."

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