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A (Blackberry) Storm brewed In Stephen Fry's tea cup

According to the BBC’s Rory Celan-Jones, many of us are now relying on expert bloggers before buying our gadgets. In particular Stephen Fry is singled out as having one of the sassiest incites into technology.

So with the BlackBerry Storm’s £10m campaign behind it and shortages reported in both Vodafone and Phones4U stores, this must be the most successful launch since the iPhone3G, isn’t it?

Possibly not, so it appears. Not withstanding the much reported lack of WiFi and BES support, the BlackBerry Storm has come in for strong criticism from Stephen Fry and another guru, David Pogue of the New York Times.

“Shockingly bad”, “terrible lag”, “disappointment”, “BlackBerry Dud” are just some of the standout comments. So the upshot could be that after the initial rush of first adopters and style wannabees, the next wave of buyers, having read these trusted commentators, will stay well away from the toxic Storm.

Though with Lewis Hamilton extolling the virtue of the Storm on YouTube I wouldn’t want to bet either way.