Employers "Monitor" Web Usage At Work

As many as 65 percent of UK employers frequently monitor internet activity of their staff during working hours, and even restrict their access to the websites that are deemed to be irrelevant to their job profiles, according to a recent survey of managers.

Conducted by Chartered Management Institute, the survey included 1,000 managers aged 35 and below, working in various sectors, including commerce, industry, local government etc.

The survey has revealed some striking results about the usage of internet in modern organizations, with most of the managers surveyed complained that their older bosses often considered the internet as a “massive timewaster”, with half of them notified that their organizations didn’t adopt web-based technology until it was tested thoroughly.

In addition, around one in six of these young managers regarded their employers as “dinosaurs”, when it comes to adopt advanced web-based technologies in organization.

However, employees’ perspective towards is entirely different than that of the employers, with 72 percent of the managers interviewed, have emphasised the use of internet for their “professional development”, and 59 percent upheld the use of internet for research purposes.

Quoting the significance of internet for modern employees, CMI’s director of marketing and corporate affairs, Jo Causon said in a statement, “Quite clearly, organisations need to harness the comfort levels these individuals have with internet-based resources, because failure to do so will lead to frustration and the loss of top talent at best”.

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