O2's New Universal Phone Charger Promises Huge Energy Cuts

O2 has come up with an innovative energy-efficient mobile phone charger that claims to save around £30 million per year on electricity bills in UK alone.

The new eco-friendly universal charger from O2 is said to lessen the electricity consumption by as much as 70 percent, as compared against the conventional mobile chargers.

It incorporates an in-built power control mechanism that stops the power supply, once the phone is fully charged, or when the handset is plugged out from the charger, and thereby significantly checks heat dissipation, which is responsible for substantial wastage of energy in a number of standard chargers.

The device is first of its kind from the company and is expected to receive great response, owing to its capability of slashing electricity bills.

According to a research from O2, a mobile charger wastes an average 2.8KWh of energy in a year, and with around 73 million mobile handsets in UK, if everyone used the energy-efficient charger from O2, UK could save a whopping £30 million on electricity bills.

In addition, the charger would also help significantly in monitoring the carbon emissions, as O2 further purported that if every mobile phone user in UK utilised this charger, the cut in carbon emissions would be comparable to withdrawing 30,000 cars off the road.

Initially compatible with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung only, the charger is available in O2 stores, with a price-tag worth £14.99.

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