£30 per month Flext-30 T-Mobile G1 Android Black Smartphone w/Free 8GB card

The T-Mobile G1 doesn't just have one navigation option but three: QWERTY keyboard, 3 inch touchscreen or track ball - you decide! Don't get left behind; never miss an email, IM or Facebook update - the T-Mobile G1 is always online and synched up.

Take this beauty with you everywhere and do anything online: watch YouTube, search on Google, check train times, shop online or check your emails... It's pre-loaded with Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Talk and GPS - plus a world of possibilities from Android Market.

Slide-open screen shifts between portrait and landscape to match phone position and Automatic updates come via the always-on internet connection.

All your favourite Google services already on board, Download and add more of the applications you want on the move from Android Market.

Also don't forget your web'n'walk plus. You need this for the G1's always-on internet. On Combi plans it's an extra £5/month until the end of your contract. It's already included in Flext plans, so there's no extra charge.

Get T-Mobile's latest revolutionary phone on Flext 30 with web'n'walk Plus on an 18 month contract for only £30 per month.

You will also get free mobile internet with £140 worth of calls and texts each month, that's 700 mins or 1400 texts or any mix you use.