BBC iPlayer Nears 300 million Programme Views As First Birthday Approaches

BBC Vision has released figures showing that BBC's catch-up TV service, iPlayer, has served up nearly 300 million programmes online and through Virgin Media's on demand service since its launch in December last year.

iPlayer has single-handedly managed to make online Video on Demand mainstream as more than 35 million programme requests were made to BBC's iPlayer online in November 2008.

The VoD service is available on a number of platforms including the iPhone, Nintendo Wii, Virgin Media, Tiscali, Sky as well as on most mobile networks.

The service, which is paid by the TV license, has attracted criticism from Internet Service Providers which fear that iPlayer will overwhelm their networks as existing infrastructures struggle to keep up with the service's rising success.

We reported earlier today that Sky had released a paid-for online real-time video service called "Sky Player" and yesterday, Kangaroo - an online video on demand project that brings together BBC Worldwide - was criticised its attempt to corner the burgeoning UK Video on Demand market.

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