gOS Releases Free Barebone Cloud Operating System

Good OS, a company renowned for providing Linux-based OS for Wal-Mart’s low cost PCs, has introduced a new operating system, dubbed as “Cloud”, which enables users to access cloud-based applications and desktop from an integrated web browser.

Announced in the Netbook World Forum in Paris on Monday, the new Cloud OS bears close resemblance with Google’s Chrome, and features a Linux kernel that shows fast booting capacities; “the Cloud does not require additional hardware and is compatible with any operating system”, the company added.

The operating system comprises of compressed version of Linux OS, and it allows users to launch several desktop applications, such as spreadsheets and games, or provide quick access to web-based apps, like YouTube, Skype, Yahoo Mail, Google Apps, etc; in addition, the system integrates tab-feature that can launch Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system.

Good OS showed the potential of its Cloud OS on a touch-screen gigabyte Netbook at the summit, and avowed that the touch-screen Netbooks featuring Cloud OS and Windows will be launched next month.

Emphasising the worth of the new operating system, the company said, “With Cloud, Gigabyte Netbooks will power on to the Internet in seconds while still supporting killer applications together with Windows XP”.

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