Podcast : The Future Of Detection Technology Unravelled

Ben Chai of Incomingthought.com discusses with Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief Technology Officer at Finjan about the evolution of computer virus detection and the future path of Antivirus technology.

A security industry veteran, Yuval brings strong technology leadership capabilities to Finjan as gained in over 15 years of high-level management positions.

Prior to joining Finjan, Yuval was the founder and CTO of KaVaDo Inc., a leader in web application security (acquired by Protegrity).

Prior to KaVaDo, Yuval was CTO at Ness Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTC), a global provider of end-to-end IT solutions and services.

As a senior project manager at Intel Corp. , Yuval was in charge of the design and development of multi-million dollar software projects.

He began his professional career as a member of an elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, where he was responsible for the design and development of security systems for mission-critical projects.

Listen to this interview here and you can access Finjan's website here.