Rumour Mill : Walmart to Sell $99 4GB Apple iPhone in 2009

Apple could be planning the ultimate coup, a move that could leave its rivals speechless; an entry level iPhone with 4GB memory available exclusively from Walmart on a two year contract.

The rumour revealed by Boy Genius Report, say that Walmart - the world's biggest supermarket chain - will partner with Apple to get even more (cash-strapped) customers to embrace the iPhone mania.

The original iPhone was a 4GB version - which cost $399 then - but Apple switched to a 8GB and a 16GB model afterwards (ed: a 32GB model can't be too far as well) which have proved to be quite popular.

BGR is quick to say that this could eventually prove to be a false lead but it would make sense it Apple launched such a model. After all, if Apple wants to catch the likes of Nokia or Samsung, it will have to make serious concessions on price.

And the Cupertino-based company has an easier task compared to some of its bigger rivals; Apple can easily stick to its core proposals (touchscreen, great user interface) and offer variations around those themes.

A stripped-down iPhone would suit the current economic situation. A 4GB model with a smaller screen and a more prosaic approach - no GPS, no 3G - could see the iPhone become the biggest Apple seller ever in less than one year.

French buyers already have gotten the taste of a cheaper iPhone with a 99 Euros model going on sale across the Channel till January next year.

Back in August, we reported about an iPhone Nano that was supposed to come in December 2008. Although that's now highly unlikely, the prospects of a $99 Apple iPhone is too enticing to ignore.

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