Tel Top Level Domains Now Available For Registration

A web domain, dubbed as “.tel”, has been introduced on Wednesday and it is expected to turn out as an online counterpart of phone directory.

The new top-level domain (TLD) would allow companies and individuals to store varied range of contact-related information in their virtual address books, and facilitate users to access their all important contacts over the web.

According to Telnic, the company which is overseeing the project, the domain isn’t run-of-the-mill domain, such as “.com” or “.org”, neither it’s related to web-content, in spite it helps the web users to store their contact information in a Domain Name Server (DNS), without necessitating them to create, host, or manage any website for the purpose.

The domain is designed to function on the web and on advanced mobile handsets, like iPhone and Blackberry.

Quoting the significance of the domain, Telnic’s chief exec, Kash Madhavi, said in a statement, “The launch of .tel represents the most significant innovation in the domain name system since the advent of .com”.

The domain’s “sunrise period”, in which the businesses with legitimate trademarks can claim .tel domain name for premium fees, has been kick-started from Wednesday, and it will last up to 3 February 2009.

The sunrise period will be followed by “Landrush Phase”, which will last up to 24 March 2009, and during this period, anyone will be able to purchase .tel for registering with generic terms and names, by paying some premium amount.

From 24 March 2009, .tel will be available for general purposes on first come first served basis.

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