Virtualisation and hosted applications

Microsoft recently announced the launch of its new data centre in Ireland to support its growing online business. This new data centre will comprise tens of thousands of severs pumping out web-based apps to internet users (in particular business users) all over the world.

This launch represents a revolutionary shift in the IT marketplace creating a high quality service which allows business users access to their desktop from any location.

This in turn not only puts a greater emphasis on the telecoms industry to provide efficient and effective internet connections, but also produces key long term business benefits for the telecoms industry as a whole.

However, will the business sector benefit as a whole? Since online applications produce a seamless system, home-workers for example will benefit greatly by enabling them to create more of an office experience at home and thereby maintain their productivity levels.

This is obviously crucial for larger organisations; but will SME’s be able to reap the same benefits? With this increased investment, will they perhaps have to compromise on cost by opting for weaker networks and rely on cheaper services?