Automated notification workflows to improve business continuity

Evidence from customers in Western Europe indicates that enterprises in all verticals have started to embrace the concept of notification workflows.

While most businesses have understood the importance of detecting business-critical events, fewer have automated notification systems in place that are able to communicate such events to responsible staff, e.g. by submitting an email or SMS instead of merely displaying a red flashing alarm on a console.

Industry leaders, however, already go beyond such “fire-and-forget” approach by implementing so-called notification workflow systems. These take into consideration presence information, delivery receipts of notifications and possible responses in order to escalate alerts and to ensure delivery and ultimately resolution of the underlying issue thus reducing the risk of business interruption.

Enterprises like Daimler, Sheraton Hotels and Boehringer Ingelheim have recently implemented notification workflow software resulting in immediate positive impact on IT uptime and business continuity.