EC Wants German Ofcom To Be More Transparent About Mobile Rates

With the European Commission taking an aggressive stance on trimming down mobile charges and data roaming fees, mobile usage for European customers could well become a lot cheaper.

In a similar bid, European Union commissioner, Viviane Reding, in an open letter, has instructed German telecoms watchdog, BNetzA to release details of termination fees - the amount operators charge each other for sharing calls within the networks - information the regulator refused to disclose so far.

The Commission asserts that it believes that mobile termination charges to be relatively higher in Germany, as against the other member states.

It further avowed that these details need to be released as per the “Article 7 procedure” of EU telecom rules, which intends to ensure uniform and transparent termination charges across EU that helps in avoiding competition among operators of member states.

The letter by Reding notifies, “I strongly advise Bundesnetzagentur to notify the termination rates of the German mobile operators to the Commission without any further delay”.

BNetzA has already declined twice to include these details in its market analysis, for wholesale mobile call termination, by saying that the mobile rates need not to be shared.

However, if BNetzA further refuses to comply with the rules then the commission will “consider opening an infringement proceeding for non-compliance with EU legislation”, the letter added.

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