Facebook Gets Nasty Present From Koobface Worm

Facebook users are being targeted by a computer virus named "Koobface" which cons its victim into watching a video which then infects the victim's machine and converts it into a Zombie PC.

Koobface sends emails to all the friends of a Facebook member that has been infected by the malware and invites them to view a video - a classic social engineering scam where users trust links from people they know.

Watching the video doesn't actually compromise the target PC but downloading the "special" version of Flash that is needed to view the supposed video will do

Social networking website Facebook has more than 120 million active users and has proved to be fertile ground for crooks, cybercriminals and scammers and Facebook relied on a secured hosted e-mail solution since the beginning to fend off assaults from fraudsters and spammers.

Facebook has urged users who might be infected with the worm to visit any reputable online antivirus scanning site to scan and eliminate the threat.

Myspace users have already been hit by a variant of the virus.

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