TomTom Releases Free Online Router Planner

In an attempt to take on Google Maps, TomTom, the Sat-nav device maker, has announced to launch a free online route planner that has been released into closed beta.

The web-based route planner will facilitate travellers pre-plan their trips in an effective way, with huge amount of handy information, like real-time traffic updates, and details on speed measurements to reckon exact travel and arrival times.

The device will utilise live traffic information, including HD traffic from TomTom, which derives required information from devices employed on the road, thereby help users in pre-planning their trips in a better way.

In addition, the planner is also equipped to plot the necessary information about distinct routes depending on the precise time and day of trip, on the basis of average road speed information gathered by TomTom.

Initially, the service will be available to selected beta users only, but it will gradually be introduced worldwide, depending on its performance and feedback from the users.

With its in-built MapShare technology, the maps in the application will be updated every day, which will help users pointing out respective changes in their devices.

Quoting the credibility of the device, TomTom’s CEO, Harold Goddijn said, “Users who do not have a navigation device can now also benefit from our high-quality routing before starting their journey, giving them a chance to plan their day more efficiently than ever before”.

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