32nm Intel Atom CPU To Be Called Medfield

2010 will apparently be the year when Intel will unleash a 32nm Atom CPU package which will combine the processor, the chipset and the graphics subsystem into a single package in a bid to reduce manufacturing costs, thereby producing a System-on-Chip.

More details were released by UBS Securities in a report that was published on tech website, The Inquirer. The financial service firm also said that netbooks should not pose a big problem to the traditional, more lucrative laptop market as, in effect, Netbooks, make the PC pie bigger rather than just gobbling shares.

Two versions of the chip - which will come after the 45nm Pineview Atom CPU next year - will be available, one for low power devices like smartphones and the other for netbooks and low power desktops. Dual Core variants are also expected to cater for ever demanding applications.

Medfield is expected to use PowerVR graphics technology - through IP licensing - which delivers adequate performance and very low power consumption. Expect The PowerVR SGX or possibly version 6 to be used in the 32nm SoC solution.

Intel will start 32nm production later in 2009 and is expected to start with Atom processors because of their small size and low complexity. This will ensure that more chips are etched per unit area with the added benefit of reduced power dissipation - a vital feature in netbooks or handheld computers.

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