Blackberry Storm Update Now Official On Vodafone

In a bid to address myriad of software snags with its new stylish Blackberry Storm, Vodafone has finally come up with a software update to fix the issues.

Though leaked versions of the update were already there on the web, the update comes as the first official announcement of the patch that has been released.

Incidentally the 103MB operating system update available for downloaded replaces the shipped software version by the new version

In order to employ the new update, Storm users are required to install Blackberry Desktop Manager on their PCs; however an over-the-air version of the update is also expected next week for those who do not have the Desktop Manager.

The entire fixing process roughly takes half an hour, and keeps all the Blackberry data stored in it, but it wipes out some crucial data, like usernames and passwords, of other downloaded applications on the handset.

In addition to solving the touchscreen problems, the update addresses issues with the accelerometer lag, and the problem of microphone muting randomly within the call.

Initially, the software update was purported to be available in German language only, creating confusion among UK users, but it seems that the software is multilingual, and hence can also be installed in English.

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