New Philips Essence LCD Is World's Lightest 42-inch Telly

Dutch Consumer Electronics Philips has released a superb 16Kg 42-inch LCD monitor with a 38mm thickness - that's equivalent to some laptops out there - and ranks amongst the lightest models of this size in the world (ed: let us know if we're mistaken).

The Essence 42PES0001 comes at a hefty £1999 - at this price you can buy FIVE 42-inch LCD TV from Argos - but comes with some features that justify the price like the fact that it has a 2ms response time and uses a 100hz refresh rate technology which makes your image razor sharp.

Its contrast ratio reaches a sky high 66000:1 thanks to Philips own Perfect Pixel HD Engine and at 16Kg, it is a full 15 Kg lighter than, say, the Philips BDL4221V 42 inch LCD which should allow even a single person to hang it on a wall or place it on a stand.

The Essence also comes with a 2x15w speaker bar that can be removed, three HDMI ports, and Philips has judiciously managed to get all the connection cables into one breakout box that connects to the TV with only one cable (think of the Apple iMac).

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