Nokia Preparing Yet Another iPhone-Slayer Smartphone?

A French website got hold of an advert Nokia showed at their Capital Markets Day in Brooklyn last Thursday and it showed a device that's aesthetically unlike anything that Nokia has produced before.

The phone, which appears to be built around a 3.5-inch 16:10 touchscreen display, has a tiny silver-coloured bezel and three control buttons, highlighting the fact that the "direct user interface simplifies interaction with standard strokes and gestures" - that's what the slide said.

The device appears to be powered by the Symbian S60 operating system (so says Symbian Freak although Boy Genius Report says that the UI looks "absolutely nothing like the S60").

Sources at Nokia have confirmed that the advert is authentic but it depicts a mockup/prototype rather than a soon-to-be-announced product.

Still, the fact that this design is in the production books can only be good news. Nokia has the upper hand when it comes to specifications but is lagging behind when it comes to the packaging.

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