Pirates of the Amazon Firefox Plugin gets Website in Trouble

The website which was hosting the infamous project, “The Pirates of the Amazon”, a Firefox extension that allows users to illicitly download games, TV shows, movies, and songs from Amazon.com, has been taken down, after it received legal threats from the lawyers of Amazon.com.

Earlier, a couple of students from Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute, have allegedly released add-ons for Firefox web-browser that made it possible to download various products from Amazon.com for free, by linking product pages from Amazon.com with the “Pirate Bay”, an illegal BitTorrent website.

However, the students on their website have claimed that the plug-in was intended as an artistic parody, a part of their research project on media design, and defended by saying, “It was a practical experiment on interface design, information access, and currently debated issues in media culture”.

Incidentally, if the respective item is featured on the Pirate Bay’s search index, it displayed as a “Download 4 Free” on top of the Amazon product page, which on clicking, enable users acquire the product illegally via BitTorrent.

Incidentally students have the supported of their teacher Florian Cramer, who asserted that most of the commentators haven’t recognized the artistic nature of the experiment, and defended the alleged students by saying, “"With the take-down notice from Amazon.com, our students have been scared away from pursuing their art, research and learning in our institute”.

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