Rumour Mill : A Third Of Google Employees Using Secretive Google OS?

Tech Conspirators will salivate at this. According to web analytics firm Net Applications, Google could possibly be testing (and deploying) an unknown operating system on its computers that doesn't leave any marks.

Speaking to Internetnews, Vicne Vizzaccaro, EVP of Marketing and Strategic alliances at Net Applications said that they "have never seen an OS stripped off the user agent string before."

The platform is so stealthy that it doesn't leave any signature (or in this case, any identification stings) even with possibly more than 6000 of Google staff using it. More specifically, Google has systematically removed the user agent string which means that other data - like browser used, screen resolution - are still available.

What does that translates to? Well, Google could be alpha-testing its own software-as-a-service operating system inhouse, especially that it now has a browser - Chrome - and a host of online applications - Google Docs, Gmail, GTalk, Calendar etc.

The cloud OS, according to some, could be an "expanded" version of Android OS that Google has been developing for some times. Google has already made it clear that Android could possibly be used in devices other than Smartphones.

Interestingly, Google has its own analytics service, Google Analytics, that can track more than 20 types of operating system.


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