Spore Is Most Pirated Gaming Title Of 2008

It has been one of the most acclaimed games of 2008 and now Spore has grabbed the unenviable top spot as the most illegally downloaded game of the year, far ahead of its nearest rival.

The refreshing life simulation game has been downloaded on peer-to-peer networks more than 1.7 million times according to data compile by popular P2P website Torrentfreak and doesn't take into consideration direct download websites (like Rapidshare) and other non P2P networks.

Other games that have been downloaded more than one million times include The Sim2 and Assassin's creed. The top 10 games have been downloaded nearly 9 million times over the past year, showing that piracy is still a very prevalent issue for the gaming industry.

At £20 a game on average, that's £180 million worth of revenues that the gaming industry won't see. It also shows that Digital Rights Management is useless to combat piracy. Spore used SecuROM 7 anti piracy system which was hacked, cracked and demolished.

Spore is still one of the best selling games of 2008, with more than one million units sold withing the first four weeks of release. But one has to wonder whether a DRM-less, Steam powered Spore, sold at a third of the price wouldn't have reduce the piracy rate tremendously.

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