Truphone App Allows iPod Touch Users To Phone For Free

iPod Touch users can now utilise their robust portable music player as a virtual mobile phone, with the internet company Truphone has launched a new Wi-Fi application that transforms the music player into a caller device.

With its Wi-Fi capability, the new application enables users to make and receive calls through VoIP with other iPod Touch users, Truphone’s Internet telephone service customers, and Google Talk’s messaging service users; eventually, the addition of feature to make or receive calls from landline devices is also there on the cards, the company asserted.

For dialling, the app utilizes a virtual keyboard over the interface of iPod Touch devices, and necessitates the addition of headset integrated with microphone.

The software is available through Apple’s App Store, and as it utilises the Wi-Fi ability of the device, calls made using the VoIP feature are free of charge.

Quoting the move as company’s another step towards becoming an established internet player globally, Truphone’s CEO, Geraldine Wilson said in a statement, “There are a slew of new features we're rolling out for the iPod Touch that will let users call landlines, Skype users or send instant messages. We're talking weeks, not months, before these go live.”

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