£959 HyperOS SATA2 DDR2 HyperDrive5 + 2009 Supergeek + 32GB Valueram

The HyperDrive5 is the fastest Internal Hard Disk in the World. It performs at around 40,000 random read and write balanced 0.5KB file Inputs and Outputs per second as measured by Intel's IOmeter Benchmark).

If that doesn't solve your IO bottleneck nothing will! 8000x faster at finding files than a 10,000 rpm SATA WD Raptor WD740ADFD. 125x faster at serving files than a WD Raptor, certainly the fastest SATA drive on the market.

The HyperDrive5 is a Solid State disk made not from Flash RAM but from DDR2. HyperOs Systems have teamed up with with Taiwan to provide the World's best value DDR SSD at $399 (£269). DDR2 is still hundreds of times faster than Flash RAM at write IOPS.

Although Flash drives have caught up as regards Sustained Transfer Rate. Flash drive specs never quote random write IOPS. But for Database applications and software compilation and photoshop and video editing that is the real bottleneck.

The HyperDrive5 is quite simply a Hard Disk made out of DRAM. It therefore connects and performs like an impossibly fast Hard Disk.

It also offers 100% secure file deletion (disconnect both the external and the internal power!). Flash drives can't offer this. Hard disks suffer from magnetic remanence and so retain their data even after they have been overwritten several times! But the HyperDrive5 is forensically wiped every time the power is fully disconnected. Fight back against Big Brother with a HyperDrive5 !

Bag the world's fastest hard disk drive (with 32GB RAM) + 2009 Supergeek and DC Adaptor for only £959.