Acer Takes Asus's Crown In Netbook Battle For World Domination

Acer has managed to overtake Asus in the booming Netbook market as it shipped 2.15 million Aspire One in the last quarter compared to 1.7m EEE PC according to research analyst firm, Displaysearch.

The worldwide market accounted for around 5.61 million units in the last quarter, which means that Acer and Asus altogether account for nearly 69 percent of the pie.

Incredibly, Acer sold only 1.3 million Aspire One laptops back in Q4 2007 and the overwhelming majority of Netbooks share the same architecture - 1GB memory, Windows XP, Atom processor, sub 10-inch TFT screen.

Acer is only focusing on one product the Aspire one while Asus has been pursuing a "divide-and-rule" approach, launching on average a new Asus EEE laptop every two months or so.

HP came third with its Mininote 2133 with around 330,000 units while MSI was just behind with 320,000 units. The rest of the market accounted for roughly a slim 20 percent share or 1.12 million.

Displaysearch reckons that Netbooks should grab up to 16 percent of all notebook sales by 2011, which is rather conservative given the fact that the looming recession means that more users will look towards making savings.

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