Comment: Half of all UK companies at Risk Due to Security Complacency

UK companies claim to understand the security challenges their businesses face and the consequences of non-compliance, yet almost half (48 percent) fail to do enough to protect their information assets, according to new research from EDS-subsdiary Vistorm which specialises in information assurance practice.

As part of the survey, Vistorm assessed 100 UK businesses, against 31 information assurance controls. It found that while 79 percent of companies know which of their assets are business-critical - and 91 percent understand the consequences of non-compliance – 48 percent fail to put robust security policies and procedures in place to prevent data loss.

Lost data is not only a direct cost to the business, but also has a knock-on effect in terms of reputation, loss of business, brand value and share-price. These potential consequences mean data protection is no longer just an issue for IT directors, but has become a business necessity.

UK-based security research has found that mobile data poses the highest risk for information loss. According to the Ponemon Institute, industry reports highlight a staggering 8,500 mobile devices lost at UK airports in 2007, with 400 laptops lost at London airports alone. Forty-nine percent of European business travellers say their laptops contain confidential information and 42 percent admit that their data was not backed up.