DFI Lanparty LT X48 T3RS

When the X48 chipset came around we all questioned if it would be able to surpass the already supreme X38 chipset. Those doubts were immediately put to rest when overclockers were able to reach record CPU speeds.

The X48 chipset itself, still supports 16x Crossfire just like on the X38 boards, yet doesn't offer any benefits in the way of features over the X38 chipset, even though if you were to dig deeper you might find a list of fancy features on the X48 that really just make the board seem better.

Today, DFI sends us their LanParty LT X48 board to see if it can deliver the performance and overclocking that comes with the X48 chipset.

There are also many more advantages which will give it a performance edge over many motherboards on the market today. These include it being an Intel socket LGA775, which currently supports some of the most powerful CPU's on the market.

The board has an X48 chipset, and currently the premier gaming chipset.

There is also support for DDR3, the fast growing standard in RAM. DDR3 can hit much higher speeds than DDR2 memory, making it far superior. With all these specifications, this board easily classifies itself as a high end gaming board. It should compete with the best gaming boards out there, giving you unparalleled performance.

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