Google To Add Advertising To iPhone, G1 Smartphones

Google Inc. on Monday announced that it is expanding its Adwords reach, by optimizing the service, to include ads specifically designed for iPhone and G1 handsets, which present a robust web-browser to its users.

Alexandra Kenin, Mobile Ads team’s product marketing manager, notified that the service would enable the Adwords advertisers to have their adverts on Android, iPhone, or any other mobile device integrated with a full HTML web browser.

She emphasised the significance of the service by saying, “Now you have the ability to show desktop ads on mobile phones, as well as mobile ads on mobile phones”.

Kenin further asserted that the advertisers associated with the existing Adwords campaign will see their ads running on iPhone and G1, in addition to desktops and laptops; however, if the advertisers don’t prefer their desktop ads to feature on their mobile phones, they can always opt out from it.

The prime benefit of the service is that it doesn’t necessitate advertisers to create mobile landing pages or adverts in mobile format, as the ads can directly point to desktop landing pages, Kenin added.

Advertisers only using mobile platform for advertising won’t be affected, and they can further create mobile ads by clicking on mobile ads groups, featured on the company’s ad groups.

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