Mind mapping workspace enables e-learning package - breaking the cycle of abuse

When Lord Laming published the report of his enquiry into the events surrounding the death of Victoria Climbié, an important finding was that information about Victoria had not been properly recorded and communication between professionals from different agencies had been poor.

The same issues continue to arise not only in safeguarding children but also with domestic abuse and safeguarding vulnerable adults.

In response to these issues a multi-agency group of professionals, including police, health and social care experts from Derbyshire created and developed an e-learning package designed to reach a wide and varied audience, this local initiative and its success, has led to the development of a National web based package.

The e-learning package is designed for multi agencies, public and private sector staff and volunteers and academics, who could come into contact with children and vulnerable people. The e-learning package links to National Standards and Competencies. The experts feed their knowledge into the web-based workspace which becomes the blueprint.

The cycle of abuse workspace is built into a mind-map, providing a visualisation of a child abuse case with topics such as identification and follow-up action of both child and vulnerable adult abuse through practical, real life scenarios.