Reports Press Obama To Invest In US Cybersecurity

Cyber security is turning out to be one of the major national security issues for the US and a new report published on Monday urges President-elect Barrack Obama to create a new post to tackle the snags in cybersecurity effectively.

The 96-page report, dubbed as “Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency”, submitted by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) spurred the new President-elect to enforce several essential measures for ensuring safe and secure cyberspace.

In addition to creating the required post, the report recommends the formation of a new National Security Council (NSC) directorate and White House Office to bolster US government’s capability of tackling such crucial electronic security threats, from foreign agencies and other offenders.

The proposed cybersecurity head will be directly accountable to the President, and watch over intensive strategy that integrates diplomatic, military, and intelligence tools, and coordinate comprehensively with the private sector, realizing the goals of secured cyberspace, the report added.

CSIS has started analysing the issue in August 2007, after a spell of attacks hit several federal agencies, including Defence, Homeland Security, and NASA, with a goal of drafting effectual recommendations to minimise these cyber threats.

Commenting upon any specific technology for addressing the challenges, commission’s key member, Shannon Kellogg said in a statement, “The commission did not recommend specific technology specifications. We did come out and say we support a series of guidelines drafted in conjunction with private industry that builds on existing initiatives”.

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