RIM's Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 Reaches British Stores

RIM has launched the Javelin Curve 8900 Smartphone, which is a step down the Blackberry Bold 9000, but should be a popular model with hardcore Crackberry users looking to stay close to the company's business ethos.

The Smartphone will be available on O2 while customers will have to wait until the 5th of January.

At 110g and only 11.5mm thick, the Curve comes with Wi-Fi, built-in GPS, a 3.2-mp camera with flash and autofocus and a media player; there's also a 2.4-inch screen capable of displaying 480x360 pixels and RIM's trademark "Pearl" trackball.

Although it comes only with 256MB internal memory, you will be able to beef it up to 16GB thanks to a microSD card slot; plus it has a 3.5mm audio output and stereo bluetooth capabilities.

The only major missing feature is the lack of 3G connectivity; HSDPA will certainly come in version 2.0 (hopefully)

The device will be available from the 20th at Carphone Warehouse from free (up to £234 on cheaper contracts) and it will apparently be on sale unlocked for only £420 (that's the suggested retail price).

This is only marginally cheaper than the Blackberry Bold 9000 which retails for £420 at Expansys.

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