Stephen Fry Lambasts Vista and Sony Laptops, Become Biggest Twitter Outside US

One of UK's favourite comedians, Stephen Fry, demonstrated once again that he's as witty in real life as he is in movies thanks to the power of Twitter (where he's about to reach 29.000 followers) and that's he's actually a very savvy geek.

He spent $4000 on a Sony Vaio laptop (probably purchased in the US) with Windows Vista (I guess it was a Vista Business model) and blasted it as the most useless $4000 he ever spent (ed: Someone at ITproportal also spent £1750 on a Sony Vaio laptop last week and we're waiting for his feedback).

Fry was asked to review a PC-only application by the Guardian and the idiosyncrasies that marred Vista during its short life, made Fry's blood boil after which he apologised for being less than temperate.

He later explained on his "posterous" blog - which has now been viewed 16,000 times - that he was not trying to set up a new network, merely trying to connect a new computer to an existing network that had already got a G1 phone, 2 Blackberry smartphones, a few iPhones, an iPod touch and two Macs on it.

Earlier this month, Fry heavily criticised the Blackberry Storm which brought him some media attention. Within a few days, Mr Fry has already become the biggest Twitter outside US - in terms of followers - and is set to surpass none other than Michael Arrington from Techcrunch, if he maintains his tempo of the last few weeks.

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