Sun Microsystems Pushes Out MySQL v5.1

Sun Microsystems on Monday unleashed the next iteration of MySQL database, tagged as “MySQL 5.1”, offering improved partitioning, replication, and simplified administration features.

MySQL 5.1, which according to Sun has been downloaded by around 250,000 times in past 10 days, tenders effectual table and index partitioning, along with row-based and hybrid replication.

The new release would enable data administrators partitioning both indexes and tables by range, which could be beneficial in isolating sales results as per the preset time frames, allowing quicker access to required results, through it focused on scanning procedures.

In addition, the new version also features, ‘hash partitioning’, in which the data table carries evenly divided segments, and a query gets directed to the most relevant segment.

Sun has also bring upon significant improvement in data replication, with the introduction of ‘row-based’ and ‘hybrid’ replication techniques, which ensure that only modifications in the information are replicated.

The new version also presents enhanced scheduling of SQL tasks, with a new event scheduler, and a query analyzer for its premium customers that remarkably improves uptime and speed of the database application.

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