Top 17 Features That Our Desktop Replacement Laptop Would Have

This week, we will be pondering over five different types of laptops with the view of producing separate templates that we will be pushing on Asus/Intel's soon.

The laptop designs are Server Laptop, Gaming laptop, Desktop Replacement Laptops, Netbook and Ultra Mobile Laptop. Today, we will have a look at Desktop Replacement laptops.

Desktop replacement (DTR) laptops are ideal for customers who want to have some mobility without compromising. They are ideal for number crunching tasks and their large screen and full size keyboards mean that often DTRs are used as gaming laptops. They are normally quite heavy although the weight of recent models dipped under 5Kg.

Our Desktop Replacement Laptops would come with the following configuration and since this will be a massive laptop, chances are that you will want to use it for several situations. e.g. to play games or to watch movies.

A 20-inch LCD monitor capable of displaying at least 2 million pixels (e.g. 1920x1080)

A quad core processor

4GB memory

Two hard disk drive (probably, 2 x 500GB ) in RAID-1

Aluminium chassis to dissipate heat

Bluray Drive

No extra software but with Windows and Expressgate-like pre-boot OS

Magsafe PSU with twin 12-cell battery

Triple Webcam with Autostitching capabilities

A dedicated video card capable of platy

Firewire, S-Video, HDMI Port

Bluetooth and Built-in Digital Card Reader

802.11n Wireless Network

TV Tuners with Remote Control

5.1 speaker set with Dolby Support

Gigabit Ethernet port

3-year Onsite International warrranty

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