£122.50 PocketSurfer2 with 20 hours free browsing per month

It does not neither play or record video content or sound; it doesn't come with any USB ports or line in or out ports. It is the antithesis of so many all in one products on the market.

Forget about fiddly phones, hit and miss WiFi and slow-as-molasses PDAs. If you want to surf the net wherever you fancy without having to wait an eternity for pages to load, you need the splendiferous Pocket Surfer2. The Real Web, Fast & Free anywhere

Pocketsurfer 2 devices are a sleek slice of technological excellence lets you browse web pages in all their glory, with full graphics, Java support and other complex web functionality - anytime, anyplace. No wires, no WiFi, no contract. And you won't have to faff around searching for hotspots as the Pocket Surfer2 has a built-in GPRS modem. Simply switch on and you can start surfing immediately.

In terms of speed, the PocketSurfer2 is a proverbial hare compared to the tortoise-like competition. Acceleration technology allows you to zip around the web like greased lightning. Pages that take two minutes to download on comparative devices take under seven seconds on this zippy gizmo. Wow!

Unlike smartphones and similar jack-of-all-trades machines, the PocketSurfer2 features a gorgeous 5" colour screen, so you won't need a magnifying glass to read pages like this.

And if you'd rather staple stinging nettles to your tongue than type an address using tricky keys, help is at hand because the Pocket Surfer2 boasts a backlit QWERTY keyboard and integrated mouse pointer.

The PocketSurfer 2 can be purchased for only £122.50 at MNC.