£317.40 Zalman HD160XT HTPC Case Silver

This is not your usual computer casing. It is the ultimate HTPC Ultra quiet mass produced enclosure you can buy in the UK and is optimised for high performance computers.

The Zalman HD160XT HTPC case is made up of aluminium and can take all standard and microATX motherboards on the market.

With 6 internal and external drive bays, four exhaust fans, seven expansion slots, and a 7-inch LCD screen, it is ready for even the most enterprising HTPC project.

Opening the Air Vent on the top of the case will facilitate the inflow of cool air from the outside for cooling the CPU. The 3 ultra quiet, high-capacity fans are designed for the quick discharge of heated air.

A Dedicated Air Vent allows cool air intake from outside the enclosure directly into the power supply, minimizing its noise level and facilitating the highest possible efficiency. PSU Brackets are also provided to allow a stronger and more stable PSU Installation.

Pure aluminum Components including the Front Panel Volume Knob allow the enclosure to easily blend in with other home theatre and Hi-Fi equipment while Placement of the Memory Card Reader and IO (USB, 1394, Audio Port) behind the Front Panel Door provides a sleek exterior.

Bag it at Yoyotech for only £317.40 now.