Google Adds Tasks Functionality To Gmail

After adding impressive themes along with video and audio chat capabilities into its e-mail service, Google has further revamped its offerings of Gmail by integrating to-do lists to help its users organise their schedules.

The new feature, tagged as “Tasks”, will be displayed on top of the Gmail window, and will allow users to carry out effective task scheduling, including addition, removal, and reordering the tasks.

In addition, the feature will also enable users to assign date to any specific task, and even show capability of converting e-mails into tasks.

The feature is still in the testing phase, and in order to try it out, users need to click on to Settings option, after logging on to their Gmail accounts, and then click the Lab tab, which gives users access to Tasks feature.

On the basis of their experience with the feature, users can send feedback and suggestions directly to the team which created the feature.

The search giant asserted that there is no precise timeline for the new feature to be officially integrated with Gmail; however, it further noted that there is no assurance that the feature will be added to the mail service or not.

Upholding the utility of the new feature, Google’s spokesman Leon Kotlyar said in a statement, “Having a task list integrated into Gmail makes a lot of sense in terms of seamless integration between tasks”.