Google Chrome Browser To Come Out Of Beta

Marissa Mayer, Google Vice President in Charge of Search Product and User Experience, has announced at the "Le Web 08" gathering in Paris that Google Chrome has come out of Beta.

The open source application has been in beta since it was released 13 weeks ago and is likely to be included in Google's software pack in lieu of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

It could also mean that OEMs like Dell, HP or Asus, will start bundling the browser with their own products like the agreement Dell and Google had in February 2006 - which saw Google create a Dell Start Page for its customers.

Furthermore, Google could be willing to pay top dollar to get its application pack (Chrome, Picasa Earth, Desktop, Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Docs and Gears).

The company has announced an early developer version of Native Client which is essentially a toolbox for developers willing to experiment with Chrome.

The next step will be for Chrome to support extensions which is currently sorely lacking and preventing many existing Firefox users from jumping ship (ed : Google itself is not compatible with its own plugins like Google Notes).

Also, expect Mac and Linux versions as well as Security to be top of the list for 2009.

In related news, new tests performed on the latest beta version of Chrome (v0.4.154.33) showed that the browser had significantly closed the gap with Firefox 3.1be in the SunSpider Speed Test which measures javascript performance.