Mobile Sector in 2008 : Apple Resurgence

These last 12 months has seen the Asian manufacturers embrace touch screen technologies as the way into the mass market. LG, Samsung, HTC, have all brought out significantly improved and diverse handsets. But it is Apple that has captured users' hearts.

The original iPhone was so crippled by the lack of applications and 3G data that apart from the, admittedly many, early adopters the original iPhone launch in 2007 was a massive disappointment.

Apple learnt some hard lessons, especially in Europe. Customers used to high end devices being heavily subsidised were never going to buy a technically backward mobile at a premium price.

That all changed with the iPhone 3G that not only gave the world the best mobile phone media player and screen, but also access to decent HSDPA mobile speeds on competitive tariffs and at little upfront cost.

This was uniquely combined with the breathtaking usability of an application store that made it the simplest, and cheapest method of getting fun new apps.

Compare and contrast with the mobile networks and other handset manufacturers paltry efforts, and Apple has dominated the third party app market in 2008.