Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Browser

Mozilla has unleashed the second beta of the Firefox 3.1 web browser on Monday which incorporates a multitude of effective features, including private browsing, popularly referred to as “porn mode” and a quicker JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey.

The private browsing mode enables users to surf the internet without leaving traces of records of their online activities, and it is widely being touted as “porn mode” by a number of news agencies, as it is believed that the feature is designed for browsing adult sites.

However, Mike Beltzner, Firefox’s director at Mozilla, dismissed the use of the term porn mode, by saying that the news agencies are using this term to grab the attention of users, and claimed that the mode is “perfect for online holiday shopping!”

The second beta also features improved Clear Private Data tool that allows its users remove the history of online activities, when the private browsing mode isn’t activated.

In addition, the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine of the browser promises to deliver greater speeds while surfing any website that utilises JavaScript.

Other features of the browser include, improved HTML scripting for video and audio applications, query selectors for JavaScript, SVG transformations, CSS 2.1 and 3 properties, W3C Geolocation API, and other offline applications.

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