UK Citizens Embrace Digital Life Fully Says Survey

UK residents are increasingly switching to internet for a range of purposes, according to recent reports from research firm TNS Global Interactive.

As per the new report, majority of Britons are turning to web for conducting searches, while other prominent activities include accessing news, paying utility bills, internet banking, and checking weather predictions.

The report, dubbed as “Digital World, Digital Life”, revealed that as many as 28 percent of Britons spend their spare time surfing the internet, with the figure surging to 32 percent for the age group of 18 to 24 years.

Other preferred online activities include, browsing price comparison websites, watching video-clips on the sites, like YouTube, and striking best deals on consumer products through online biding on auctioning sites, such as eBay.

Incidentally, people looked a bit apprehensive about online dating, as only eight percent of the surveyed individuals admitted visiting dating websites during their free time, and only seven percent of them were involved in blogging activities.

In addition, online social networking has attained 12th spot in the list, as 37 percent of the 2,500 people surveyed admitted visiting social networking websites.

The survey further disclosed that a significant number of housewives, pass their most of leisure time surfing the web, in spite of having just 5.8 free hours on a weekday.