Asus P5N-VM WS

We have been as keen as mustard to get our hands on the Asus P5N-VM WS because it unleashes a completely new feature. We are used to integrated graphics that support regular PC tasks such as email and shopping at Amazon so they usually come with a name such as GeForce or Radeon. However, the Asus P5N-VM WS is the first motherboard to use the new Nvidia Quadro FX 470 chipset. Have a look at Nvidia's extensive Quadro FX webpage and halfway down on the right hand side you'll see the nVidia Quadro FX 470, which has a note saying ‘nVidia Quadro FX 470 is a motherboard solution-not available as a discrete add-in graphics board'.

Yes that's right, for the first time Nvidia is offering workstation graphics without the need to spend a fortune on a dedicated Quadro graphics card. That sounds tempting when you consider that a Quadro FX5600 with 1.5GB of GDDR3 costs £2,600 although an entry level FX 570 will set you back a more modest £119.

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