Google Now Does Magazine Search

With an aim of giving a news lease of life to old magazines, Google has decided to tie-up with a bunch of publishers to bring magazines online by adding them to its Book Search service.

Google intends to scan articles and issues of old magazines and add them to its Book Search database and it also plans to incorporate them later into its main search results.

The new tie-up is surely going to warm the hearts of many who would love to read an old issue of the Popular Mechanics or the New York Magazine; moreover this also opens up a new revenue stream for publishers who can now monetize their previously published content.

Explaining how this idea will pan out in future, Dave Foulser, a software engineer at Google mentioned “You may begin finding magazines you didn't even know you were looking for. For now, you can restrict your search to magazines we've scanned by trying an advanced search."

Incidentally Google is in midst of a major drive to increase the coverage of its Book Search feature and in this context it had recently announced plans to archive nearly ten million images from the archives of Life magazine; in addition Google has since last September also started to digitize news archives that will enable people to search for millions of news paper articles.