HP Unfazed By Cloud Computing Promises

Top executives from HP have expressed their reservations about jumping in to the cloud computing bandwagon and emphasised the need to remove the hype that surrounds the concept.

Expressing the company position on cloud computing, Tom Hogan, the senior vice president of HP, mentioned "Rather than jump in to the hype out of the gate - you can't pick up a newspaper or a technology magazine today without reading about the cloud - we have been very deliberate over the past nine months, assessing where we think the cloud can help us."

It seems that executives at HP do not believe in the possibility of a radical shift to cloud computing and instead suggest convergence as one the possible trends in future and they are still evaluating how cloud computing can benefit them in the long run.

Though many companies including the likes of Microsoft and Google have launched cloud computing initiatives, HP is yet to follow suit.

Incidentally Hogan is not the only high profile IT executive who is yet to be convinced by the idea behind cloud computing; even Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle had termed the concept as “complete gibberish”.