Mobile Sector in 2008 : Nokia, RIM and The Rest

Nokia on the other hand seemed to just plod on in its rut of selling the widest range of inoffensive mobiles to as many people as it can.

Notably different was the introduction of the E71, one of the highest calibre handsets from Nokia this year. With an all metal construction, every connectivity option going, and a reasonable media spec, it has singularly raised Nokia's profile in the business and professional user market. In many respects it has put the chunkier N series range of handsets into the shadows.

RIM, having seen the threat from Apple inclusion of ActiveSync as businesses migrate to free push email, came back strongly in the last half of the year with the Bold and Storm.

Unfortunately these were rushed to market so whilst the Bold looked good it performed badly with many reported problems especially on Orange.

Not without its own bugs, the Storm has nonetheless refreshed BlackBerry's image as an innovative brand in most users' minds. With one of the largest touch screens, and an improved media player, the Storm keeps the pressure on Apple, HTC and especially Nokia.

When it comes to advances in media capture, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson lead the way. All have introduced 8mpx camera handsets, but it seems that Samsung has surprised the market by pushing Nokia's N series to one side with the class leading Symbian based i8510 INNOV8 with 8mpx camera.

No doubt Nokia could create a better handset, but it hasn't yet.