Techno Slang Is Becoming Mainstream According To Post office Survey

It seems that technology is a major contributor behind a number of new slang terms that are increasingly making their way into common English usage, a new survey has revealed.

According to the survey which was conducted by lexicographer Jonathon Green under the aegis of telecommunication arm of Post Office, the emergence of these tech oriented slang terms can be attributed to the need of sending text messages which are constrained by space limitations.

Some of the terms that are gaining prevalence include “404” which is used to denote that a person is clueless about a subject and LAMP which stands for lost another million pounds.

Often numerical terms have a history behind them; so if you tend to use 35 for 'broke' and 11 for 'out-of-date' then you may find it interesting to note that these numbers have been derived from Oyster cards that are used on the London's transport network

Explaining the significance of technology in driving language, Jonathon mentioned “It has long been dictated by technology. The difference is that the technology in 1918 was a small grubby postcard, while today it's that little screen”

However the jury is still out on whether these abbreviated terms help in reducing the time to communicate as studies have shown that reading such messages takes twice as much time as those written in standard English.